Anonymous asked:
What are the birthdays of the creatures? I know age has cropped up many times, but the actual dates no so much. I know that Max's is December 25th, and that's because it is the most recent. Any Ideas? Thank you so much.

Here’s what I got:

Sp00n - August 6th 1989
Ze -  April 12th 1993
Jordan  - April 24th 1991
Seamus - May 16th 1988
James - June 1st 1990
Sly - June 20th 1988
Aleks - Sept 1st 1992
Dan - Sept 28th 1989

Kevin - 22nd of February, 1996

Dex - April 1st, 1991

Spencer - April 14th

EDIT: changed to full date of birth so I won’t have to update ages, please let me know if i hecked up