I love Nova’s “Hey you Pikachu” serie so I made an animation of it.

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Stopped creature talk 107 at the best possible moment

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waaw!! ahhh ..wait wat !!

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dam dud!!

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when your friend wanks in the guest bed

a little while back in celebration of seamus starting up Demons Souls i decided to try out SAI and my new tablet, and this was born. wasn’t sure if i should submit it for the longest time but eh, oh well. (also RIP his magnificent hair) 

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the shovel knight SEAMOOSEE and james

will SEAMOOSEE catch the lovely shield knight “james” ?? dum dum dum !!!

to be continued…

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How many seconds is 500?
Aleksandr Marchant (ImmortalHD)
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Movie Trailer I made months ago, windows movie maker approved!

Received this beautiful shirt on my birthday. Couldn’t ask for a better gift. 

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My first Creature fanart (over a year old and still my favorite) is updated again. After adding Aleks last year I now have added Dex to it.

Sly you are so awesome that I kept you in the drawing. It where fun years with you.

A little tribute I made ofThe Creatures

Thanks for All your guys hard work on entertaining us!

Congrats to Dex on becoming a creature and the hype for Kevin is off the charts.

Farewell to Sly, I wish you the best of luck and keep being yourself

I’m not as good as Dan at editing

So we got some videos without me in it. They’re pretty good nonetheless. They could have been better, especially Moth Hunters if Jordan would have hurried the fuck up.
Seamus (Sarcasm w/ Seamus Ep11 Dern Sure & Wot M7?)
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I drew this for Nova a while ago and since I found this tumblr I’m sure you guys would enjoy it too! 

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I sampled Nova (and Dan) in a song I wrote. →

Can’t remember if I submitted this already or not but I’d figured I’d share something from my own musical project that features samples from a selection of Nova’s videos (one of which includes Dan). The content is very likely NOT akin to anyone’s taste (Weird death metal/grindcore with extreme and experimental elements) but I appreciate any listens, especially for the album that this is on if anyone happens to like what they hear!

Cheers! ^_^


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