New shirt -IP

Here’s the video! Enjoy! :)

Really cool meeting them, only person i didn’t meet was sly. One of the best moments was when danz hugged me ahaha.image

Yo. I’ve been drawing The Creatures the past few days and have made some goodish progress. Hope you like it. :]

my face went >=DDDD and so yeah.

sorry this is kinda a day late, but me and my sister made these last easter :)

Found a GIF on the internet, and I just thought it was missing something.

Original GIF:

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And here’s a high definition photo of Max’s shaven baby face. YOU CAN SEE HIS PORES. YOU CAN SMELL THEM.

They smell weird, fyi.

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This is my and two of my friends dressing up as Bunny Bust! Left is supposed to be Seamus, Middle is obviously Nova, And I’m on the right as Gassy. Unfortunately it’s not as good looking as we could have done…. But we match! (This wasn’t even completely planned… Left just happened to have a gasmask, I happened to have a horsemask, and my other friend decided sending $100 on a bunny costume was worth it…) 


He guys, remember the time I based my whole 7th grade social studies project on the Creatures. 

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I know that dan and sly REALLY wanted that assasin’s creed flag…sooo i made a creature carl one! :P

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