Round 5: Dexter Manning vs Ryan Haywood

Someone had to fight the Mad King

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10 day creature challenge x

day 4: your favorite video / Golden Gate Rod - Road to E3

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Aleks being as thirsty as ever! (but James’s point and smile though.)


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I would go gay for all of the creatures because hot damn, they are all attractive!
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SO AS A WARM UP I WAS DRAWING Seamus from the creatures and then when i saw his hair from a ref i thought of Gotye and then Somebody i used to know and then YOU DIDNT HAVE TO CUT ME OFFFFF …so this happened

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Denied anal will take your arms and legs with pleasure

Accepted Anal will wreck you with his flying abilities

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i would give an arm and a leg and my first born child to see James naked
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*warlike flashbacks*

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aleks as the russian bear aka the most harmless animal in the entire world

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au where the creatures have a snapchat

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Maybe they should get Dex and one of the guys married to get him a green card. Imagine the money they could make of the wedding videos. (Disclaimer: I'm not american and I don't know shit how green card stuff works)

This feels like a flawless plan, vote on who you think he should marry

EDIT: Apparently getting a green card is easier, but this is way more fun
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Aleks is such a punk

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Isn't it a problem that dex lives in the UK and the rest in the USA?

They’re looking into him moving

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